Data DevOps Engineer | App Developer | UI Designer | Forex Trader
Hello, I’m Divyesh
A keen, confident and creative tech nerd with a passion for creating awesome design, writing awesome code and then integrating the two.


I’m a Senior Data DevOps Engineer for Accelerant Holdings – a startup InsureTech. What is a Data DevOps Engineer I hear you asking? It’s basically a Software Engineer who designs, builds and integrates data from various resources and manages BIG Data. I also introduce processes, tools & methodologies to balance needs throughtout the Data Development from coding and deployment, to maintenance and updates.

So, in short, I design and architect the BIG Data infrastructure and unify code, application maintenance and application management through automation of processes.

I am a Forex Trader and Mentor by hobby. I’m a fitness enthusiast so when I’m not on tech nerd duties, i’m either sweating away in the gym or indulged in my design world bringing my imagination to reality. Also an App developer, I love enhancing user experiences through developing and designing attractive, user-friendly and purposeful mobile applications for both Android and iOS.

What I Do


Using Scala, Python, JVM, Java, C# and Spark, I develop Big Data, Operational Data and Business Intelligence solutions for clients on a scalable level. I endeavour to provide the best possible infrastructure with future proof, clean, readable, design based code unified with deployment, maintenence and monitoring.


My passion for code and design integration has led me to develop iOS and Android apps with a key focus on an easy to use, attractive, interactive UI. After all, a well-designed UI is what attracts the eye and this is what I see through, from start to finish.


My craze for Bollywood and design acumen come together perfectly for this venture. I redesign Bollywood film posters in a variety of design styles ranging from old school to present day, giving them my own twist. So, if we have any Bollyholics, then follow @bolly_designs on Instagram and Twitter.


Taking my skillset and passion further, I started my journey into the world of Forex Trading with the aim to help others grow and achieve financial success. Investing time into myself to learn the skill of multiplying money, I am also a mentor to those who aspire to make money, anywhere, anytime from their phone. You need to be open-minded, teachable and coachable. 


  • C#
  • Java
  • Scala
  • Python
  • SQL
  • Databricks
  • Xamarin
  • API
  • Scala
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

  • Adobe XD
  • Github
  • Azure DevOps
  • Visual Studio
  • Azure


BSc Applied Computing & Mathematics

SEPT 2008 – JULY 2011

I completed my Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Computing and Mathematics. My Final Year Research Project was on the subject of Automated Systems for the Hearing Impaired. I graduated with a Second Class Honours in 2011.


MSc Internet Computing & Network Security

SEPT 2011 – JUL 2012

Pursuing a Master of Science Postgraduate Degree in Internet, Computing & Network Security, I branched out into Cyber Security leading me to complete my Thesis in ‘Discrete Logarithm Problem in Finite Fields and Applications of Cryptography’. I graduated with a Merit in 2012.


Postgraduate Diploma Advanced Software Engineering

SEPT 2013 – JAN 2015

What began as a second MSc Degree, ended up a Postgraduate Diploma as I landed myself a full time job as an Associate Software Engineer for a leading Clinical Research Organisation. This lead me to terminate my studies, sitting only the exams and deferring my Final Major Project.


National Hindu Students’ Forum (UK)

MAR 2013 – AUG 2014

Serving the Hindu student community in the UK, I began my time with NHSF (UK) as a Designer. As part of the Creative team, I was responsible for liaising with other NHSF (UK) teams to design promotional material for social media, overseeing the full design lifecylce.


National Hindu Students’ Forum (UK)

AUG 2014 – MAY 2015

Soon after my role as a Designer with the organisation, in order to take our reach to the next level, I used my coding skills to self teach and develop my first iOS App for NHSF. A true milestone for us! Currently the app is under going a revamp for version 2.0.


Ocular Technology Group International

AUG 2014 – MAY 2015

Following on from my previous work, I got head hunted by a Clinical Research Organisation to create them an iPad app. Due to confidentiality I cannot disclose further information but that this was an ad-hoc project not available on the App store.


National Hindu Students’ Forum (UK)

AUG 2015 – MAY 2016

And then came my first Android App! Like the iOS App this version of the app is also currently going through a revamp for version 2.0.



AUG 2014 – APR 2017

Landing my first proper industry job in August 2014, I terminated my postgraduate studies at the University of Leicester. I was providing programming skills and expertise in the design and development of Integrated Voice and Integrated Web Recognition systems for Clinical Trials.


National Hindu Students’ Forum (UK)

MAY 2016 – APR 2017

I have had the privilege to serve as the Web & Design Team Leader for NHSF (UK). Creating, editing, deleting and maintaining all email accounts and providing back end tech support. Also project managing Design projects making sure work balance was equally split.



APR 2017 – OCT 2018

As a Junior Data Engineer I was responsible for using a range of programming languages mixed with SQL to develop bespoke, on the fly, state of the art, business intelligence solutions for my clients, leveraging the Microsoft Azure Platform.


Accelerant holdings

may 2021 – present

Accelerant is revolutionising the tech based Insurance sector through it’s cutting edge technology. I am part of the Development/Technology team responsible creating competitive USP’s for the company and building out a new data platform for the future powered by Microsoft Azure and Machine Learning.



OCT 2018 – JUL 2020

As a Data Engineer, I turned my focus towards technical design and cloud solutions. Continuing to develop business intelligence solutions for clients, my primary aim was Cloud Solution Architecture for Data Analytics.



JUL 2020 – May 2021

Part of a cross functional Data consulting team spanning data engineering, visualisation, analytics and
science. Working with our clients across multiple sectors, helping them to explore next generation data techniques and tools to drive incremental business value from their data assets.

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