So, this is going to be a short blog post. Something I thought is important to get down in writing was the whole back story of how Bolly Designs came about.

About 6 months ago, I found myself in a position where my design skills were not pushing me to my potential. You know when you work on something and just know that this isn’t your best and you can do much better? That feeling. It got to a stage where I wasn’t actually enjoying design, but instead finding it boring and losing motivation to actually design.

So, I took some time out for myself and just had to take a step back to see the bigger picture; after coming so far with my design skills I couldn’t just let it end this way especially when I knew I had so much more potential. This was the turning point.

It took some thinking and I had to do some searching for inspiration and it wasn’t until I saw a fan made poster of a Bollywood movie on google that the idea clicked. I love Bollywood and I was looking for a purpose to design; why not mix the two?! Perfect!

I instantly sat down and started drafting ideas for what I could do as a concept. I knew I had to use Instagram and Twitter as my key platforms (though Twitter isn’t the best suite for this sort of thing but you know, worth a try for a larger reach). Finding a name didn’t turn out to be as hard as I had thought, being naturally creative was a massive bonus. Before finalising the name, I did some searching around to make sure that the name was not already in use and it turned out that it wasn’t. So Bolly Designs was born.

I wanted the logo to be unique, bright and distinctive of me. I used the colour combination of Yellow, White and Dark Pink with the icon of Geek Specs as this summarises me perfectly. I put something together in illustrator in an hour and thankfully it was only one take.

As for the designs, I knew I wanted to begin with my favourite actor Ajay Devgn and what better way than Shivaay! I know it will take time to build a decent following but I know I will have to persist. Things like this take time, so I will have to be patient, just need to make sure my work is getting noticed by hitting explore on Insta and getting the largest number of impressions on Twitter.

As for now, this personal venture is fun and pushing my creative boundaries further and further by the day. I am just so glad I pushed myself to start because if I hadn’t started then then I would have never started. As they say “it’s better late than never”.