It’s that time of year again – Christmas! Apologies for the delay in getting blogs out, been very busy with work and personal commitments this past month (as I am sure all of us have). Yes it’s Christmas Day today and I am blogging, it’s quiet and chilled here and I’ve got my thinking cap on so I don’t want to leave it any longer. So here goes.

I’m not one usually for parties and going out for dinner but I thought I would give it a try this time. On Friday 71h December 2017 I had my work Christmas dinner at a posh Bar in London known by the name of Smollensky’s. Well, I’m glad I went because I took myself by surprise. I enjoyed it. Like genuinely did.

Travelling to London from my place wasn’t bad at all, a 1 hour 30 mins train to St Pancras Inernational Train Station. As I commute to work with my colleague (as we both live in Loughborough), it only made sense to travel together to London too. Once arriving at St Pancras, we caught the underground to Waterloo and went straight to the hotel to freshen up leaving us with an hour till the Drinks Reception began.

We arrived in good fashion to Smollensky’s and I was very glad that was semi smartly dressed. There was lots of dazzle, suits, tied and flashy dresses, but this was balanced equally with the like of myself and a few other colleagues who didn’t turn up in the full swag. I should have known (I think) that dressing in the full swag would be a fitting option but didn’t want to be the only one to show up overdressed. So, I played safe.

Clearly seemed like my work lot had been drinking from way before the reception start time, but it was for Christmas and the vibe was festive, so why not. My problem that I don’t drink :P. At first it felt a little akward to be around people who were tipsy (not everyone but the majority were), however this feeling quickly eased off as I jumped straight into the busy conversations everyone was having with each other. It was indeed a pleasant surprise to be able to meet +1’s; I love meeting new people.

Moving onto the food, the drinks reception smoothly transitioned into our three-course meal as our company director addressed us all on the success of Elastacloud this past year, future goals, and the plans for 2018. A true delight, knowing the company has grown from only a handful of individuals to over 30 people (and will continue to do so). A shame our CEO could not attend due to a personal commitment, however he was there in spirit.

We had already selected our food via email (a couple weeks before hand) as part of the booking process to speed things up (as you can imagine how busy it was) and I must say, it wasn’t the best I’ve tasted, but neither was I disappointed, so it was somewhere in the middle. I’m no food critic, but I can tell a good dish from a bad one and this food was not bad. I had Wild mushroom soup, parsnip crisps and a crème fraiche dressing with ciabatta for starters, followed by Four nut, orange & sage roast, wild mushrooms, brussel sprouts and a tomato & basil sauce for mains. To top this off was my favourite out of the three dishes that evening, the Apple tarte tatin and vanilla ice cream desert which was topped with cinnamon and caramel sauce. A good meal – tasty and filling.

Soon after eating, my colleague and I headed back to our hotel; it was about 11pm at night (if I remember correctly). The rest of them had planned to ball room dancing (so the rumours were), which we weren’t too keen on so before anyone grabbed us we shot off. I don’t actually know if they ended up going to ball room dancing or not (I forgot to ask) but I know they all partied till real late.

I must say, an all expensed paid stay in Waterloo – you can’t go wrong. It was just real pleasant to see the entire company under one roof. This does not happen as often due to the majority of my colleagues being based in the London office whilst us Midlands lot are now in Nottingham (after our new office move from Derby).

What is a party without a selfie?! I captioned it – We are Elastacloud and we are Freakin’ Awesome!