Yes. 6 years overdue. Before I get into the core of this blog, I am just putting it out there that I don’t think this blog will be considerably long. Just a short review of the long overdue meetup with one of my best uni friends. So here goes…

Following my last blog on my work Christmas party, the next day I headed down to Convent Garden to meet my old uni friend. I thought I may as well make the most out of it whilst I was down in London; we had been planning this meet up for so long, but it just didn’t happen, until Saturday 2nd December.

I left my hotel and took the underground straight to Convent Garden to meet over lunch at the famous Dishoom Restaurant. I had heard a lot about Dishoom but had never gone (I don’t really go out much), many of my friends had also recommended me to go to eat here so I thought I’d take the chance and see what all the hype was about, and I sure wasn’t disappointed.

Meeting my friend was a bonus, we had so much to catch up on; reminiscing university days, discussing our working careers, what’s changed, what hasn’t and just a general catch up. The 45-minute queue was definitely worth it; we feasted out on a variety of Indian dishes (as if we hadn’t eaten in a long time) and to be fair, we hadn’t eaten such full fat food in a while. Both of us were busy with our fitness schedules and into our clean eating habits that we had forgotten what proper Indian food had tasted like. But today just had to be an exception.

It was great. Though we hadn’t met for 6 years (since we left uni) it only felt like yesterday. Nothing had changed. I was surprised myself, we had lost contact a couple years after university, a few messages here and there always telling each other we would meet, which clearly didn’t happen any sooner. It wasn’t until recently (if I recall correctly) Diwali 2017, where he dropped me a Diwali message and things took off again.

We couldn’t just leave without taking a picture (feature image), after our snapchatting session highlighting our food porn for the day.

What is a trip to London without visiting Oxford Street? So that was the next stop. I didn’t actually buy anything (as I had not planned to) but just travelling around in the London underground was an experience in itself. I wasn’t used to any of this, the clutter, the people or the rush hour underground madness. But it didn’t take too long to adapt and fit right in; in fact, I would say I didn’t mind it as much as I thought I would. This midlands boy was starting to like the London lifestyle ?. Being able to soak in this experience was just a whole new emotion for me, some of you reading this may feel I’ve gone crackers in the head for feeling like this by just travelling to London, but trust me, in the whole time I have been living in England, this was the actual first time I used the London underground, and that too alone.

Cutting it short (don’t want this to turn soppy), walking down Oxford Street was overwhelming to begin with but my friend acted as the fitting guide. He is also originally from the Midlands (like myself) but was now more of a Londoner than I could imagine. I’m not complaining, all in all it was good for me. I actually did question myself if I would be able to live in London, I actually wasn’t sure and still not but coming back to Oxford Street – it was lit; Christmas really was here!

It’s new years eve today so everyone reading, wishing you a Happy New Year – Have an awesome 2018!