So, it’s the first week of January 2018…WOW! Seriously, 2017 has literally just flown by, no lie. I was debating what to write about for my first blog of 2018 but then I thought why not reflect on my achievements from the past year. It truly has been a very focused and tech savvy 2017 for me, all in all it’s been one of the best since I left university. I promise I don’t mean to boast in this blog (I apologise in advance if I sound over excited at any point, it’s my enthusiasm and passion coming through). I have been fortunate to have been able to achieve many of my goals and hope I can continue to do so in the coming year. Now, I present to you ‘2017…In Reflection’.

I’m going to discuss my top 6 achievements of 2017 – I wanted to present this in an infographic form so I designed the image seen at the end of this blog. Turned out better than I thought, clean and simple yet informative. As I have presented in my design, I’m going to talk about things in order of occurrence. Hopefully I don’t bore you with this long blog but rest assured it is interesting! So here it goes:

  1. Elastacloud Ltd – April 2017: What started off as a thought ended up becoming a reality. I was lucky because I have an all-star linked in profile (so I have been told), as I got head hunted by Hancock & Parsons – A specialist Microsoft Azure and Digital Talent Recruiter (I wasn’t aware of this at the time). I got approached for a Junior Data Engineer role for a client in Derby – At first, I thought a data engineer? It’s funny I am saying this but I honestly did not have the slightest of a clue what a Data Engineer was, I had never heard of the term before. However, you know they say ‘learning never stops’, and indeed it doesn’t. If you are reading this then you most likely already know what a Data Engineer is (I am hoping you have read my ‘About Me’ page :P), but if not here Ill explain, a Data Engineer is a Software Engineer who designs, builds, integrates data from various resources and manages the BIG Data Infrastructure that is analysed by a Data Scientist. I was sort of in two minds about the job, one side I was thinking yes and another was telling me no – what if I don’t enjoy it? What if I don’t get through probation? Positive and Negative thoughts were cooking in my head, but I thought practically; I felt my career progression was being suppressed at my current work place and I was already actively job hunting so why not? Actually, before I forget, I had also applied to Rolls Royce just a day before I got this call for the role of a Controls System Software Engineer, and Rolls Royce is Rolls Royce so was it worth the risk? You know what, I thought let’s go for it, no harm in applying, what’s the worst that can happen, I will get rejected right. So, I replied back with a yes and started the recruitment process. Within the span of a week I had two telephone interviews (one competency, one technical) and then a final face to face panel interview with the Line Manager and a Senior Data Engineer. I actually surprised myself because I got through all three stages; I had no Cloud Computing experience but my passion and enthusiasm for coding and technology bagged me the job as a Junior Data Engineer at Elastacloud Ltd. We are a Data Science and BIG Data Consultancy and a Microsoft Gold Standard Cloud Partner specialising in Microsoft Azure (their enterprise level cloud computing  platform); visit for full details. I was delighted. Not side-lining Rolls Royce; in between the interviews I was attending for Elastacloud, I got called in for an assessment centre at Rolls Royce I also got the job offer! It was the location and salary that primarily the reason for my decision but I won’t get into that, all I will say is that I chose Elastacloud Ltd over Rolls Royce. And I am so glad I did. Data Engineering is a whole new world, Cloud Computing is awesome and I love Data! It was a full-on tech savvy, agile based company, something I wanted since starting in industry, and this seemed to be bang on – I hit the nail on the head. I’m enjoying my time here, still learning as much as I can from my colleagues and seniors but it is definitely fun and full of code. Happy Days!


  1. Bolly Designs – May 2017: After joining and settling at Elastacloud Ltd, I took some time out for self-reflection. I had been actively involved in design work, but I always had a desire to somehow establish my design talent; Instagram was a great platform for this and so I took the opportunity. I had gained a lot of confidence after getting the job at Elastacloud so I had a massive adrenaline rush wanting to do everything at once. Now that had been sorted, I had to decide on content. I dug deep; had a few brainstorming sessions and only one thing was sticking out to me Bollywood. I am a massive Bollywood Junkie, and I recalled that I always think how I would design film poster had I been the designer? And this was it. I found my topic. I made a few scribbles which became idea’s together and off I got started with Bolly Designs (I have written a whole blog on this so please so go back to my blogs and read it if interested). The rest is History. One thing I do still have to keep telling myself is that gaining followers will take time, so I just need to persevere and keep consistent with my content and I should gradually start getting followers. It’s happening slowly and my work is getting appreciated, however I do need to start posting again, it’s been over a month I haven’t posted. Been super busy over the Christmas period (as I am sure we all have been). However, now that things are calming down, I’m going to pick up Bolly Designs again – check out my design gallery in the design section of this website.


  1. FunctionFit – September 2017: Nothing out of the ordinary happened between May and September 2017. Well, I say that, but I did go on holiday to India in August but that isn’t anything new because this has now become a regular yearly occurrence. Back when I was at University I was heavily involved with the gym and was a pretty big guy, but as usual once I joined the working world my priorities changed and I completely lost touch with fitness. I had been looking for an opportunity to break out of my couch potato lifestyle and feel fit and healthy again; I saw an opportunity in September and I took it without any second guessing because I knew if not now, then never. Thankfully, I had some inspiration from a friend who recommended the fitness trainer that I am currently training with; joining FunctionFit was the best thing I have done this year. I am currently in week 15 of my training and I haven’t felt better! I’ve seen some superb results, lost 1.5 stone since starting and am much more built and defined than I have ever been. This was a major lifestyle change, it’s not just going gym and coming back, but I have a food diary and weigh my food before eating, actively counting calories and I have even become borderline Vegan (so my trainer says). It’s great – anyone can do it, the key is consistency, self-discipline and diet. ‘You are what you eat’ – This saying makes so much more sense now. I’m not going to give out all the details but FunctionFit Is a private gym in Loughborough which provides coaching for busy professionals (like myself) with health, fitness and weight loss. Do visit – I would highly recommend it.


  1.– October 2017: This was super exciting! I had been planning my own website for the past three years, however I had not yet earned a large enough portfolio of work to display and neither did I have enough working experience. On top of that, I don’t really like Web Development and was sort of confused on what to put on my website. Well, I was so glad I took up the job at Elastacloud, because one of my fellow Data Scientist colleagues turned out to be a Web Developer; he develops websites for clients on the side. This was my opportunity. I had to pay him but at a decent discounted price because you know, that’s how we role! I had the design acumen so it didn’t take me long to design the website; I looked around for a bit of inspiration but already had a solid idea of what I wanted. The parallax style is very common currently and to be very honest I’m a huge fan of it too, you can just keep scrolling down without having to think about any navigation bar, it is much more natural. So, here we have it – welcome to my world


  1. Tech Blogging – November 2017: You’ve ended up on here and by now you must have figured out that I blog. Though I initially began as a tech blogger, I find it therapeutic to also share my daily thoughts, opinions and experiences hence why I am now broadening my blog outside of tech. Having got my website up was the easy part, maintaining it is the hard work, this is also another reason as to why I decided to start blogging; I want to actively be involved in the online community in any shape or form. I find this a really good way of getting across how I feel whether it is related to technology or not. Blogging is fun but LONG (not going to lie – it’s 11:05pm as I am writing but I can’t be a hypocrite and not stick to my own motto of consistency and self-discipline). I have learnt to not only apply this to fitness but to every other aspect of my daily life and the results are astonishing. Currently, I will be blogging once a week (on a Sunday), I’m hoping this kicks off well, I’ve only started a few months back but I am getting used to it. I have many more things to talk about, but it will all gradually unfold, for now let’s not go off topic and stick to ‘2017…In Reflection’.


  1. Microsoft – December 2017: Finally, my last highlight of 2017. Microsoft! I had the fortune to attend Microsoft’s yearly cloud conference ‘Future Decoded’; back in October which was ok, I was a little disappointed because I already knew more than what they presented (I have also blogged about this, actually this was my first blog on my website). For this reason, the conference wasn’t so much a top highlight of 2017 but what did do it for me was the Azure Technical Briefing that I had the opportunity to attend in December 2017 at the Microsoft Paddington Central Office in London. This was like a dream come true for me. Going to these conferences, technical briefs, hackathons and so on, it’s the real stuff that tech nerds like me do. I was finally living the dream! What was even more of a bonus was this was all thanks to my CEO, he is a Microsoft Regional Director and can assist me with obtaining entry in to the events. Win win! I will be dedicating an entire blog to this Microsoft Office visit reflecting on my experiences so I won’t be writing in too much detail. All I am going to say is that it was damn good; getting the chance to meet, speak and network with Microsoft employees was great, learning tips and tricks from them was the icing on the cake and being the first to get exposure to upcoming Azure technologies was heaven. The complete package. Many more fun conferences and visits to come this year so I am really looking forward to the tech adventure that awaits me. Stay tuned!

And that’s it. That was my 2017 summed up; I signed out of 2017 in style and welcomed 2018 with open hands. Let the tech adventure resume!