So, I’m back with another blog.
I’ve been quiet once again, last month was birthday month! Not only my birthday, but a lot of my friends are also born in February, so you can imagine how busy I had been; one of the few times of the year where my friends and family get my undivided attention and I am away from tech. Nevertheless, I was meaning to blog sooner than this but time got the best of me.
Mentioning birthdays, this blog is exactly about that. After over 2 years of promising each other we would meet, I finally got the chance to meet up with some uni friends. This was in the making for what felt like forever; we get so busy in our work life that we forget to give time to friends and family. Like, I know we have Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other Platforms but meeting in person is a whole different game. I’m going to be discussing the former in a different blog, so I don’t want to go off topic and stat talking about the current importance of social media in our lives.
Coming back to the topic in discussion, so yes, we finally managed to find a day, time and place where the four of us could meet and have a long catch up. It also turned out to be the weekend before my birthday, so what better reason than this, I got on the phone and booked a table at one of my favourite Restaurants ‘Feast India’. The last time I went there was when I was back at university (like over 6 years ago). Yes, seriously. This is now just making me sound like a boring, old, unsociable git, but anyway.
It worked out perfect as two of us travelled from Loughborough and the other two came from Leicester. It felt sort of weird going back to Feast India, as so many uni memories flooded back to me. This place was an eat all you want buffet, catering for all regional foods of India – my favourite of which are Punjabi, Maharati and of course Gujarati. I feasted out with delicious Paneer Tikka, Pani Puri, Sev Chaat, Pizza, Garlic Naan, Aloo Tikki, Masala Dosa and Dahi Vada. Sounds like a lot right? It was, but I only had small portions of each, I felt like I was going to pop as I have not eaten all this rich, oily food since starting my fitness journey back in September. But it did feel like heaven, I thought why not give myself the evening off and spoil myself seeing as it my Birthday coming up (and it wasn’t like I am one to celebrate so may as well eat all I can).
Just as I went for my second round of food, I noticed someone on the opposite side who resembled an old uni friend but it was difficult for me to make out if it was him or not on the first instance because he had his back turned. I took the chance and approached the individual and indeed it was who I thought. What a pleasant surprise! But he wasn’t alone, his little daughter was also with him and so was his wife (who also came to Loughborough University and was in the same batch as myself) which was a double bonus. It felt like the wait for this reunion was well worth it, and made for this day. It felt great to see and additional bunch of friends and their little munchkin (with another one on the way); we also had so much to catch up on but I think we were so dazed at the coincidental surprise we were lost for words. But as they say a picture speaks a million words, so a selfie was a must.
This reunion was surely well worth the wait; it indeed ended up being Double Trouble!