It’s been a while guys. I haven’t blogged in a long time, you know summer plans and then not having time. Now that things are less busy, it’s catch up time.
There have been a fair number of shenanigans that I have been up to during this summer, and I am hoping time allows me gradually to blog about each of them. Today however, I am going to be talking about my visit to the Lake District.
This was in the making for about 5 years (if I can remember correctly). My bunch of uni friends (this very specific group) – you know how we have different groups of friends, one from our lectures, another from a society we may have joined, then another from whom we may have shared accommodation with and You get the idea.
This particular group was a mix of lectures and dance group. Yes, I used to take part in dance for charity balls when I was back at university, at the time it was all fun and games but what I didn’t know was that I would make friends for a lifetime as a result. I’m not going to get into what dance and why etc, but it was extremely well worth it now that I look back at it.
The great thing about this reunion was not only did we get to spend an entire weekend (yes weekend) this feels super special when you are working 9-5 seven days a week – I am sure many of you can relate. But also, just being able to see how each of us have developed both professionally and personally since we left university. Exchanging conversations about our jobs, the pros and cons, the dos the don’ts, what’s worked out, what hasn’t, current projects, employees, managers, work ethic, and what’s to come! Staying up till late night just indulging in food and games and chatting about everything and anything was truly an experience in itself. Something us working people don’t actually get to do much as we are so stuck in our daily routine, we become habituated to it.
Just getting the damn thing organised was a big surprise itself, I think it got to a ‘do it now or never’ sort of situation and therefore we went for the former option. As techie as I am, it was the first time I had actually used an AirBnB (I didn’t book it my friend did) but I got a full understanding of what it is and how it works. (If you are unaware of what AirBnB is then have a read on Google :P). This was really cool, the place itself was decent, a beautiful lodge in Lancashire.
We arrived there Friday night, and the plans were as follows:
• Chill Friday night with drinks (I don’t drink but they did), games and catch up
• Saturday – Spent the day at Windermere on a 4-hour boat ride then go out to eat
• Sunday – Leave at 1pm and go to Northern Soul Grilled Cheese in Manchester to eat. Spontaneous trip to Peak District on way home.
The boat ride on Lake Windermere was surprisingly good. I was in two minds, but it turned out to be a gem of an idea. I was captaining the boat, and this was awesome! We just chilled in the middle of the lake for 2.5 hours, as the world cup was also on at the same time, we had the game up on the iPad. What more England were playing! Never did I know I would be tuning into an England World Cup match in the middle of Lake Windermere on a boat with a group of friends. What’s the word – LIT! On the way back from the boat trip we went to have an awesome dinner in a restaurant nearby and then just had to have Ice Cream (which melted because of the Sun anyway lol).
Saturday night turned out to be even better. We all chilled on the lakeside nearby, just talking about life and each of our upcoming plans and conversed in the marriage talk (one of our friends who was supposed to be attending couldn’t as he was back in India as he was getting engaged) so he was the talk of topic. The views here were mad – enjoying them with these lot was the icing on the cake. We were out late enough that we got a glimpse of the stars in pitch black darkness. This was truly bliss – embracing nature. Just being able to absorb what I was seeing around me was truly remarkable, it made the wait and weekend all very worth it.
It came around to Sunday, and none of us wanted to leave. We were having so much fun that we had lost track of time. To stick around longer, we made the plan to go to Manchester to the very well known ‘Northern Soul Grilled Cheese’. My friends had tried it and they couldn’t recommend it enough, so I thought yes, may as well see what all the hype is about. And my god, were they the best grilled cheese sandwiches I have ever had. It was surreal, too many good things were happening consecutively – spending time with best buddies, amazing views and awesome food! Getting back to the point, if you are around Manchester anytime, then do visit the Northern Soul Grilled Cheese – Two Thumbs Up.
We parted ways once we left Manchester, each of us going to our designated directions. On the way back home, we made a spontaneous trip to Peak District and this was even more beautiful than the Lake District. Just Phenomenal. We didn’t stay for long at all, just drove through and stopped for some snaps. It was at this moment, we decided that our next trip will be in Peak District (whenever that is lol).
All in all, it was an amazing weekend. Too many good things and truly very districtful!